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Dedicated Server Facility
All of our servers are located in Finland inside our datacenter which has restricted access and video surveillance.

Network connections are routed through four geographical routes to Ficix and two routes to outside of Finland. Our high quality switch and router hardware are form Hewlett-Packard.

Our backup power and cooling is redundant and we use well known Rittal cooling units and Powerware backup power solutions.

An automated fire suppression system will detect and put out possible fires in their early stages so they cannot spread far. The system will also always alert the fire department automatically and they can be at the location in four minutes after possible fire has occurred.

We use IBM:n Bladecenter servers, with RAID1 redundant SCSI / SAS system disks, redundant PSU:s, fans and routers. Because all the IBM Bladecenter components are of hotplug type, faulty parts can be replaced without powering down the entire unit. Even the failed parts won't cause any server downtime. Our data storage unit has RAID6 disks which allow even two simultaneuous hard disk failures without any data loss or services downtime. With the external storage solution we can increase capacity without disrupting existing services.

Our servers are based on the XEN-virtual environment, which can automatically scale up the server capacity according to demand. Load balancers are routing the traffic to the servers which are least strained and the same service is run by several independent servers. In case of individual server failure, the traffic is automatically routed to servers which are functioning and the end user doesn't see any disruptions in the service. Load balancers also allow system easy updates and expansions without disruptions to existing services.

Data center personnell will receive automated alerts 24/7 whenever there is a problem with any service and they also monitor situation for possible electric-, cooling-, or water damage. The automated monitoring system follows the servers 24/7 and will notify personnel whenever there is a possible problem so it can be fixed immediately.

Redundant backup files are made once a day. For security reasons they are also transported to a safety vault once a week in case of any natural disaster or other external threats.