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Service news

14.08.2018 - Unscheduled Maintenance
We are performing major server upgrades at 26.08.2018 00:00 - 06:00. During the maintenance, some services may be temporarily down. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
08.09.2016 - UPS system expansion work
Our UPS system will have some large expansion work done on the 14.9.2016 during the monthly maintenance window.

The expansion work will begin at 03:00 and it is estimated to last three hours. Thanks to our fully redundant systems, this will not result in system downtime in our services.
01.09.2016 - PHP Update
There will be a PHP update that will require an unscheduled maintenance window on the 17.9.2016 starting from 22.00 o'clock. This is estimated to last four hours.

The new PHP versions will be 7.0.11 and 5.6.26. The websites will run the version 5.6.26 as default, but this can be changed to the new one. If necessary you can ask more information about the transition from our customer service.

This may also require for you to update your website. We recommend to update all Open Source software to their latest versions already before the maintenance window and the PHP update.

if necessary, you can contact our customer service about getting a virtual server with the current PHP 5.5.14 version. Note, that the support for this PHP version has ended 17.7.2016 and there won't be any more security patches etc available for it. This may cause a security risk for the server and the website. A virtual server will however give some additional time to update the website if it's otherwise impossible with the current timetable.

The PHP organization's information about the version changes:
29.08.2016 - Network problem - Fixed
There was a problem with our network which started about 7.30pm. It has been located and fixed. All the services are again functioning normally.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
06.06.2016 - Problem on the VPS2-server - fixed
There is a problem with the VPS2-server because of which some websites are unavailable and the SJR Sitebuilder and some data transfer services cannot be used at the moment. We are Sorry for the inconvenience.