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If your website requires performance and capacity beyond what an ordinary hosting package provides or you need special configurations and applications that aren't supported in a standard hosting package then the solution could be in our Virtual servers. Virtul servers have a specified part of the resources and performance of a server machine and they have a signifigantly higher performance than any hosting package. Virtual server appears to the user as an independent server with root privileges and there are hardly any limitations what you can do with it (even manual restart is possible).


Our virtual servers use IBM HS20 Blade servers with dual 3.2GHz 64-bit Intel Xeon CPU:s, dual SCSI hard drives (RAID1), redundant router, PSU, system and fans. Server room has restricted access, UPS backup power and redundant cooling units. Virtualization utilizes Linux Debian and Xen software. The servers have an unlimited 10Mb/s connection.